Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)®

TQ Consulting offers a preparation course for Certified Innovation Professional (CInP)®. This certification is recognition from Global Innovation Institute (GInI) of working professionals who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to business innovation and innovation management.

CInP® certification affirms an individual’s proficiency at key and foundational innovation methods and tools. This includes: research and insights mining, brainstorming and the GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method, Design Thinking, innovation project structuring, the GInI Innovation Management System, the different roles of the Innovation Manager, leading and building innovation teams, engagement & intrapreneuring, open innovation, innovation storytelling, and idea selection.

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GInI® certifications reflect the most current methods, trends and strategies in innovation. The training will embrace a very powerful suite of strategic innovation models and frameworks that have been developed by GInI®.


Innovative Thinker

Learn how to think differently about the value and experiences his organization delivers to the markets. Also, specific methods and techniques for pursuing innovation and ensuring innovation projects make it safely from concept to market.

Become the Driving Force for New Levels of Market Connection

By learning how to drive powerful and market-led solutions to emerging challenges, the trainee will become recognized as a driving force for constantly reconnecting his business and its markets at increasingly higher levels.

Learn to See the World with New Eyes

Understand how innovation requires stepping back and looking at challenges through a new set of lenses. Also, learn how to reexamine and challenge existing orthodoxies in the hunt for new and better ways to solve challenges.

Become a Catalyst for “What’s Next” Connection

Develop a deep appetite for finding new and better ways to deliver customer value and experiences. Learn how to conceive market-winning next generation solutions and how to advocate for these within the organizationto deliver new demand-creating value in those markets.

Target Audiences

Front-line working professionals and mid-level managers, including those with limited or no innovation experience and seeks to gain a better understanding of business innovation.

Training Methodology

This course offer an immersive, practical experience for the participants within a training methodology based on exercises, discussions, case studies and various interactive methods, and includes models and tools for the Global Innovation Institute. The GInI Innovation Project Workflow / The GInI Breakthrough Innovation Method (with Oblique Examination) / The GInI Innovation Management System / The GInI Brainstorming Guidelines / The GInI Team Formation Guidelines / The GInI Persona Pro Forma

Main Course Topics

  • The Fundamentals of Business Innovation and Its Different Forms
  • Innovator Profiles
  • Creativity, Ideation, & Brainstorming + the Breakthrough Innovation Method
  • Running Innovation Projects in the Business Over Three Phases
  • The Role of Research in Innovation
  • Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design
  • Innovation Managers & Their Different Roles
  • Innovation Managers as Project Leader to Drive Focused Innovation Work
  • Leading & Building Core Innovation Teams
  • The Innovation Management Process for Driving Innovation Throughput in the Business


Meet the exam eligibility requirements:

To be eligible to register for the CInP® exam, an individual must:

  • Show proof ownership of the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book® ($399 - Includes Shipping fees).
  • Pay the CInP® exam fees ($550).


To maintain your CInP® certification, you must earn 45 Innovation Development Units (IDUs) every three years or retake the CInP® exam. For more information read the CInP® Guide Book

GInI Applied Innovation Master Book®

The United States based Global Innovation Institute aims to advance individual careers and transform organizational achievements by advancing the profession of innovation leadership. It does this through globally recognized standards, tools, publications, resources, professional development courses, certifications, applied research, and networking opportunities.

The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book® is a comprehensive reference book written for working business professionals seeking to understand the diverse array of concepts associated with business innovation. The book presents these concepts in such a way that business professionals can understand and apply them in the context of the whole of innovation practice, and use them effectively at every level of the organization.

The book is structured in a way that first presents the foundational knowledge of business innovation and then examines the respective work of Innovation Professionals, Innovation Managers, Innovation Strategists, and Chief Innovation Officers. It also presents a detailed understanding of the Design Thinking process and its associated design methods. In this way, the book can be applied at the differing stages of the professional's business career. GInI Applied Innovation Master Book® stands alone as the only book of its nature in the world - a book that presents a comprehensive review of all innovation topics, starting from the most tactical and going to the most strategic.

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